Meet Amelia

Amelia grew up surrounded by art and wilderness in Ashland, Oregon. She was introduced to watercolor paints in a Waldorf kindergarten classroom at the age of five. Since then, painting has remained a steadfast portal through which she views, digests, and celebrates life. Over the years, other mediums including acrylic paint, ink, fiber arts, ceramics, and digital art have been added to her creative experience. 

Since moving to Sisters, Oregon in 2017, Amelia’s love of desert landscapes has become a consistent focus in her paintings. She draws inspiration from expanses that at first seem monotone, but with a deeper look are layered in infinite shades and textures. Her desire to experience and create beauty carries her into canyons, across expansive plains, and to the top of peaks across Oregon and the West. She is drawn to the freedom of slipping a set of paints into her backpack and heading out with the intention of documenting a small fraction of the beauty that exists all around us.